Why Nathan?


Quality Policy, Our Values, Mission and Vision
Quality Police:

Nathan Civil Contractors strives to achive enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering quality products through timely completion with safe working environment. We dedicate ourselves for continual improvement in all fields of Our Business.
Our Mission and Vision:
"To be the Industry Leader and a Market - Driven Engineering Construction Company renowned for excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all types of construction"
The Vision Statement has been inspired by the global infrastructure development needs of tomorrow, with the Customer as the central focus. It was developed after conducting a series of in-house workshops. Senior Leaders within the organization are actively involved in developing and maintaining an effective and efficient management system to disseminate the Vision across NCC in order to achieve "Customer Delight".
The NCC Mission is derived from the Vision Statement to encompass the overall strategies, objectives and goals of the Organization.
Our Values:
:: Hopeness and trust
:: Integrity and reliability
:: Team work and collabration
:: Commitment
:: Creativity